Dr. Martin Giniger provides the complete range of oral care products R&D consulting services – from innovative dental product development, to advanced oral care formulation, to the creation and substantiation of compelling advertising claims. Combining the latest technology, with creative artistry and strategic insights, Dr. Martin Giniger has brought virtually every form of dental health care and teeth whitening product to market – including such specialties peroxide-free teeth whitening products (especially suited for the global teeth whitening marketplace) and rapid & deep penetrating dental care foams.

Years of experience gained within the research and development departments of prominent oral care product marketers has taught Dr. Giniger what the obstacles are and how they can be overcome. So whether he serves as your contract oral care care formulator, dental products technologist, or industry strategist, he will replace the learning curve with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience.

Whether creating an innovative new non-peroxide teeth whitening products, or evaluating new dental health technologies, or identifying and implementing significant cost savings, Dr. Giniger's efforts are guided by a strategic understanding of the needs and perspectives of the consumer, and he is ALWAYS focused on efficiently achieving commercial success.