Dr. Martin Giniger™
WITERx Pre-White®

Patented Professional
Pre-Whitening Swabs

Eliminates Sensitivity
Enhanced, Longer-Lasting
Whitening Results

NEW! Professional Rx
6% HP Whitening Swabs

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Genuine Tooth Gloss
Patented Professional Daily
Whitening Maintenance

Teeth Whitening Twist Pens
Assorted Flavors & Colors
6% HP or Nor-Peroxide

Dr. Giniger's Blue Lightening™
Powerful Post-Whitening
Optical Mouth Rinse

Dr. Giniger's Remin XL™
Replenishes Minerals and
Desensitizes after Whitening

Dr. Giniger's Day Whitening™ Syringes
7.5% HP with Potassium Nitrate & Fluoride
Available in 10mL and 3mL Syringes

Activ Spray
Pre-Whitening in a Spray
XyloWhite Teeth Whitening Candy
95% Xylitol with Gentle
Every Day Whitener

V-White Pro™ Toothpaste
Toothpaste that Whitens
Teeth and Nourishes Gums